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Our Mission


1. More “Great People“ Invest Their TIME  to Help Others

  • A great person is a teacher, a fireman, a policeman, a nurse, a soldier, a volunteer, a case worker or a  worker, or many more occupations of helping people.
  • A great person is willing to help anyone that needs it. Always helping and never hurting.
  • A Great person has a powerful and influential due to their extraordinary skills, intelligence, and/or charisma, not due to the environment or events around them. These leaders shape the world rather than being shaped.
  • A great man that his world is full of people different than him and he accepts them all.

2. More “Corporate “ support Group Orang Hebat Foundation in order to create an important impact to the society to create a better world

All successful people have strong social support through BUSINESS  and personal "The Social Responsibility of business is to Increase its Profits", Milton Friedman.

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More people participate as volunteer will create greater impact for community and the world.
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