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“Why don’t we help marginal children, if we can?”

Group Orang Hebat Foundation held "Idul Fitri Tour" for around 150 orphanage children and 30 volunteers sponsored by Living World . It is part of Group Orang Hebat Foundation caring program. The objective of this event is to give them happiness and togetherness at the same time show them about diversity, respect, helping others.

ISTB University, Jakarta

ISTB is the IT and Busimess Management University in west of Jakarta. Group Orang Hebat Foundation was invited to presented about Anti Cyber Bullying attended by around 50 dean.

House of Hope is a home to accommodate a lot of unprivileged children with various diseases. Most of them are poor people so they do not have money to stay in the hospital or rent a house/apartment during their treatment period. So they able to stay in this house for free and in the certain period for eg. everyday , every two days or everyweek, etc. they have to go back to hospital for treatment.

Group Orang Hebat Foundation visit this house to give consolation and share our happiness to them by execute a story telling, coloring contest, give toys, snacks and dinner together.
We believe “Happiness is a medicine”.

“Creating experience to children and teaching on how to prevent bullying in early childhood”

Today, Group Orang Hebat Foundation bringing 100 orphaned and street children to the cinema to watch "Kungfu Panda". They are very excited because this is the first experience in their lives watching movie in the luxurious cinema. They do not just watch the movie, they are also though how to avoid child bully. Around 35 volunteers participate to look after the children during the event. 

“Let’s help others by becoming of Group Orang Hebat Foundation”

The first gathering has been done on 7 August 2015 after 2 years this community form. This is the group of executives who willing to dedicate their time to help others. This is the group of volunteers. I want to invite you the executives to be the member of Group Orang Hebat Foundation. O through your knowledge you can share/teach to them who need your help.

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More people participate as volunteer will create greater impact for community and the world.
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