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The Objective



  • To invite more people to be member of Group Orang Hebat Foundation
  • Build Up a Caring Community
  • Promote the positive values of self fulfillment
  • Utilize Community resources
  • Make an important impact to the community
  • Work life balance
  • Export the experience and expertise to contribute to community development (sustainability)
  • To Create a better world

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Office Address

Duta Garden A1/19
Jalan Husein Sastranegara, Jurumudi Baru
Benda, Tangerang 15124, Indonesia

 021-290 38450
 021-290 38453



Account Name: Group Orang Hebat
Account #: 0430-126-321
Bank: BNI KCP Duta Gardenia



More people participate as volunteer will create greater impact for community and the world.
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