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Widodo Patrianto

Widodo Patrianto


5 Desember 2015. Street Store: Cloth Donation to 1000 poor people. - Thank You for your love and attention given to grandma and grandpa, may God repay the board and all members of Group Orang Hebat Foundation.
27 Februari 2016. Visiting Old Age Home “Wisma Mulia” - We highly appreciate this visit and appreciate the attention and kindness of the members of the Group Orang Hebat Foundation. May God repaly your kindness.
Anita Y. Rumagit. S. Ssos, SH

Anita Y. Rumagit. S. Ssos, SH




Deputy Chief PR & CRM,

26 Maret 2016. Watching “Kungfu Panda 3” together with 100 orphanage and street children. - “Well organized from Group Orang Hebat Foundation volunteers, we are happy to work with them and willing to support next activity. Thanks Group Orang Hebat Foundation.

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